Our ventilation teams specialise in the design and installation of all your air change requirements. This is also done with future cleaning and maintenance of all ductwork and fans in mind by adding access, hatches, doors and supports to allow ease of access when the periodic cleaning tasks are carried out.

All extraction canopies are bespoke made to suit the specification required and include LED lighting, grease collection containers for easy removal and baffle filters.

We also work closely with our Air Conditioning partner, allowing us to offer a complete air handling solution in one package.

An example of the solutions we offer include the Design, Supply, Installation, Service & Maintenance of: –

  • Commercial kitchen canopies & extraction systems (all ductwork and fans)
  • Commercial Kitchen fresh air supply systems
  • Heating batteries (electrical & hot water)
  • All duct work requirements
  • Office, General areas & Toilet air changes
  • Industrial premises requirements
  • Double walled flue for pizza ovens
  • Dust & Fume extraction
  • Insulated ducting
  • Acoustic fans
  • High pressure fans
  • Air handling units
  • Heat recovery systems

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